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Earthdance welcomes guests from around the world to engage in events that center movement and embodied practice, Contact Improvisation, and collaborative art making.

The retreat will take place at Earthdance Creative Living retreat center in Plainfield in the Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts. 

We are grateful to continue hosting this event at Earthdance – an arts organization, rental and retreat center that hosts workshops, artist retreats, and community programming. At its foundation are dance, somatics, movement research and interdisciplinary arts training with an awareness towards community building.

Earthdance is surrounded by forest in Western Massachusetts, on unceded, ancestral Nipmuck, Pocumtuc and Wabanaki Confederacy Land.


Three fresh, organic vegetarian and vegan meals will be provided each day. Meat will be an available option for a couple of meals. A snack and tea station is available at any time.

We will gather information around food intolerances at registration. Our kitchen team will do their best to accommodate special dietary needs related to intolerances. However, we cannot guarantee a completely allergy-free kitchen, as all dishes may contain traces of ingredients used in our cooking.

There is a guest fridge available to store any personal supplemental foods you may need or wish to bring.  Please note that the kitchen is unavailable to guests.


Earthdance provides 2 lodging options: campsites and shared dorm rooms.

The Apple Orchard and 125 acres of forest provide ample space for personal tent camping. Campers have access to the shared bathrooms in the main Farmhouse which include indoor and outdoor showers.

The Gratitude Lodge (a.k.a. the Earthdance dorm) is connected to the Farmhouse by a short wooded trail. The Gratitude Lodge offers an assortment of large and small rooms featuring dormitory-style bunks and beds (twin & queen size). The dorm also has a shared common area and bathrooms.  


Two large beautiful dance studios, communal dining area, cozy living room, library/’soothe space’, dungeon,  and lots of open, outdoor spaces await. 


Earthdance is embraced by acres of private woods.


A wood-fired sauna sits just feet from a cold plunge into the quarry.

A hot tub is available on the deck of Nine Mountain. For those not staying there, a fee of $5 per soak or $15 for the whole week is expected to be paid.


Little Earthdance shop and free shop.

Local food coop 10 minutes by car. (Please note that participants are asked not to leave Earthdance from registration through closing in order to support our container.)


Nine Mountain is a retreat center next to Earthdance which provides a third lodging option.  Commuter Tickets are for those staying at Nine Mountain only.

If you would like to stay at Nine Mountain, there is an additional fee of 300$ paid direct to them.  Please contact robyn@ninemountain.com directly to reserve a bed.  We recommend you confirm space is available and reserve your spot before purchasing a ticket with us.  We require a processing fee if you need to change your ticket.



Sliding scale for different economic realities.

Tickets start at $775

More info on the registration page.


There are spots available to come as part of the Work-exchange assistant team, as a way to support the T&P from within and/or need a financial assistance.

You become part of a team that meets regularly and you can add a practical hands on element to your journey. 

Apply for the Work-ex assistant team


Currently we are creating the team, so the final team and offerings are not published yet. We offer the opportunity to register now and have priority to choose the morning troupe you want to be in.

All participants who register before the end of May will receive a message to choose the morning troupe they wish to join. A troupe will be each morning with the same group and teacher. While we aim to accommodate your preferences, we cannot always guarantee your first choice. However, we can assure you that participating in the morning troupe offers an intimate journey with a smaller group, fostering a more grounded and meaningful experience throughout the festival.


We have a number of Lower-cost tickets available for people with economic needs.

We are offering subsidized tickets for individuals in need of economic support. Various criteria are considered when distributing these tickets, which are outlined in the application.

To be considered, please fill out the application form.

Apply for the Supported tickets


When register you can choose between different ticket types. We aim to both keep our prices accessible, while holding financial sustainability. Please help us meet this balance by paying, with intuition and integrity, the highest price point you are able to afford.

We are able to offer supported tickets because there are participants that are contributing extra with their economic contribution.

Also consider contributing to our Inclusivity Scholarship Fundraiser! There will be a place to make a donation at checkout. You can choose the amount you want to contribute.

This will support welcoming people with economic needs and marginalized identities who are unable to attend this event otherwise.

You belong here

Sparkle your relationships



Earthdance is located at 252 Prospect Street, Plainfield, MA 01070

Once you register you will receive a link to a RideShare board to self-organize around carpooling.


PARTICIPANTS: On-site registration for all participants:  4:00pm – 6:00 pm

SOOTHE&CARE:  Attend mandatory meeting at 3:00pm for all Soothe&Care Team volunteers.

WORK EXCHANGE:  Arrive in time for mandatory meeting at 2:00 pm

TEACHERS:  Arrival at 10:00 am

This event is a closed container.  No late arrivals and all participants are expected to stay during the event. In case you leave the venue, we ask that you check in with an organizer.


Between 3:00 -5:00 pm

Last dinner

After the main event closes on July 13h, there’s the invitation to slowly transition and gather for dinner at 6pm, before heading home. The cost of the dinner will be pay in cash at the door.

What's the Soothe & Care Team?

When you register you will be asked if you want to be part of the Soothe & Care team.

In order to create a safer container we invite volunteers (participants, teachers) to form part of the Sooth&Care team. This means contributing a little of your time supporting participants in processing their experiences by (e.g. co-regulation, deep listening, being present, finding a container for emotional release). As part of the Sooth & Care team you will need to attend a short pre-festival briefing onsite by the Soothe & Care Team Lead(s) in the afternoon the festival starts. During the festival you will meet once or twice as a team to share your observations and experience of the group. The commitment to the role doesn’t require much times and it is flexible so it aligns with your own needs and boundaries. Within the team you’re mutually supporting each other and it’s a lovely way to bring your contribution.

More info in the page YOUR PRESENCE

What to bring

Things you might consider bringing:

* slippers for indoors

*water bottle with a lid (please no glass bottles in studios)

* insect repellent (there are deer ticks)

* rain gear

* light clothes for sunny days and warmer layers for cooler nights

* towels  – we recommend 1 for bathing and 1 for sauna

* bed-sheets or sleeping bag if staying in dorm.

[We encourage you to bring your own bed-sheets and towels, and in case you need we offer a set of 2 sheets and 2 towels for a rental fee of $15. The rental fee is per person and per sheet and towel set used. Limited supplies.]

* camping gear if camping

* flashlight or headlamp

* toiletries

* earplugs

* closed-toed shoes for kitchen shifts

* business cards, handmade products or other things you sell

* instruments

* personal journal and pencil

* dancing clothes (long sleeves are recommended to dance contact)

* toys and costumes!

* any personal items to feel more comfortably at home




Earthdance assumes no responsibilities for the activities of the Touch&Play Event as a renter of its facilities.

Integration days

You are invited to spend the nights after the festival in Nine Mountain, an amazing location next to Earthdance. You will be in the woods, processing, growing, integrating, alone and in community, after all the deep work we will have done together.

Traditionally after Touch&Play festival, has been a space for organizers and facilitators to integrate their event experiences and lab new emergent ideas and possibilities.  This year the space has been extended to any participants who would like to join.

Touch&Play is a powerful intentional container, with the potential to move us deeply and emotionally, and bring forth long-lasting changes into one’s life. The days after the event are both tender and filled with enormous potential to catalyse conscious integration from this work.

These days are not organized by the Touch&Play and yet are surrounded by it’s culture. Integration days will not be directly facilitated or planned; there will be the option that participants collectively organise and share community offers.

Nine Mountain will be offering three meals a day.

When you register you will be asked if you want to join the Integration days.  The cost is $60 per night + $40 per meals. The payment will be directly at Nine Mountain to cover the accommodation and nourishment. Space is limited.



Integration days are one the best days of the year! After creating a shared culture within the group, we get to live in it. Taking time to connect and digest allows me to bring the insights I had into the next level.