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Touch&Play from its inception has been based on questions rather than answers. We don’t pretend to know everythink that you want or need nor what you will actually take with you from your time with us. We are available to keep growing base on the necessities that may arise as well as bringing light into the blind spots.

We frame out spaces as being both Experimental and Experiential and invite you to be the principal author of your journey. Through that lens we gift the opportunity to contribute to and enrich the journeys of those around you. We form an (a)temporal and interdependent community where all our thoughts, feelings and actions are woven together in a rich relational web.

How do you want to show up in this tribe and what do you want to offer? How do you want to participate and what would you like to contribute? What do you feel is needed?

As you immerse yourself and become familiar with the culture and its practices, you will see many ways of adding your flavour. Perhaps you feel called to join the Soothe & Care Team, host a booth at the Exploratorium, or perform at the Performance night. Maybe you feel energised and decide to sign up for an extra chore or collaborate in building up a community Ritual. You might have skills that you feel would benefit the community, you can offer a workshop as a community contribution, host a discussion meal, or organise an encounter with an affinity group.

Identifying your personal motivations and unmet needs or potential offerings that could benefit the community is crucial for its growth and development. By recognizing areas where there may be gaps or opportunities for expansion, likely will be befetial for you and for the diverse needs and interests of others. There are many ways to step up and become involved, and we encourage you to explore how you can best integrate yourself and offer your gifts into this vibrant community.

As well it is appreciated that you contribute with your action it is well appreciated to contribute with your loving presence, taking care of yourself and your energy. Action, speaking and giving are as precious as observing, listening and receiving. It’s time to create communities where we respect our own nature in communication with the groups needs.

 How do you want to show up?

What is needed?


A community offering is a special opportunity to experience the diversity of the community and leaderships. Is a place where participants can share their skills, talents, or interests. These offerings can take various forms, such as workshops, guided experiences, or interactive sessions. Participants are invited to submit proposals for these offerings before the event begins. A limited number of proposals will be selected to be facilitated during designated times, providing diverse and enriching experiences for everyone involved.



You will be amazed on the diverse talented proposals.



An evening fun, deep and diverse.



Everyone who is not holding a role, will be asked to sign up for clean shifts. 




Embrace the opportunity to both provide and receive support

Touch&Play can be an intense and introspective experience. While it is not a therapeutic space and we kindly request all participants to arrive prepared to manage their own triggers, there are ample opportunities within this pulsating environment to connect, feel supported, and extend your support to others.

It takes all of us stepping-in to co-create a safer space.  This event is also more enriched and enlivened by what we all weave into it. 



When you register you will be asked if you want to be part of the Soothe & Care team.

The Soothe&Care Team is a group of volunteers who are available throughout the event for inner-personal support.  The intention is to cultivate a community of co-regulation.  Volunteers choose when they have the capacity to be of support which can look like deep listening, breathing together, offering validation, or taking a walk.

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In order to create a safer container we invite volunteers (participants, teachers) to form part of the Sooth&Care team. This means contributing a little of your time supporting participants in processing their experiences (e.g. co-regulation, deep listening, being present, finding a container for emotional release).

As part of the Sooth & Care team you will need to attend a short pre-festival briefing online and/or onsite by the Soothe & Care Team Lead(s) usuallt in the afternoon the festival starts.

During the festival you will meet once or twice as a team to share your observations and experience of the group.

The commitment to the role doesn’t require much times and it is flexible so it aligns with your own needs and boundaries. Within the team you’re mutually supporting each other and it’s a lovely way to bring your contribution.



We come with such diverse backgrounds and we go deep into interpersonal exploration that eventually consent and conflict more broadly can arise.

In case some interpersonal support is needed during the event we have conflict support and mediation.

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When you register please let us know if you are a medical doctor/counselor/therapist/first aid trained or crisis intervention specialist and are open to being contacted by an organizer during the festival in case of an emergency.






T&P has its origins in a fundamental questioning of current social structures and has consistently engaged in essential conversations regarding themes that were once buried in the depths of our social construct, yet are increasingly surfacing and demanding attention. T&P is dedicated to dismantling oppressive systems, acknowledging our own blind spots, and actively participating in the collective journey towards awareness. We are committed to growing together, fostering a deep heart connection and bringing intellect to the table in order to propose new ways of existence. Our focus encompasses LGBTQ+ issues, gender dynamics, power structures, parenthood, age inclusivity, our elder population, neurodiversity, and diverse functional abilities.


We prioritize sustainability and the responsible use of our planet’s resources. This includes being mindful of where our food originates from and taking steps to minimize our carbon footprint. We are committed to sourcing locally produced food whenever possible, supporting local farmers and reducing transportation emissions. Additionally, we take action to offset the carbon emissions generated by the travels of the teachers, contributing to initiatives that promote environmental conservation and carbon sequestration. By integrating these practices into our events, we strive to create a more environmentally conscious and sustainable community.


Self-regulation is a key aspect of the Touch&Play experience, which can be wonderfully intense. 

At Touch&Play, we, collectively, create a supportive environment for intense and transformative experiences. While the container offers structures and a culture of support, we do expect participants to bring the gift of self-regulation. 

In order to come it’s essential that you can handle your own emotions and triggers. In other words, you should be able to regulate yourself and deal with what comes up during the explorations.

Is this a therapeutic space?

No. Touchandplay is a transformative space, often with therapeutic qualities, but  it’s important to clarify that it is not therapy or it is not a substitute for professional therapy.

To attend Touch&Play, it’s essential that you can self-regulate physically and emotionally.

Touch&Play is an experience of inquiry, liberation, and self-discovery for people who want to grow within a community of like-minded individuals, while improving their relationships.

Is this an event for me?

This is an intimate body event. It is suitable for those who have the ability to self regulate their emotions and are comfortable with and have some understanding of sexy environments.

If you are dealing with significant levels of trauma (specifically sexual or relational) or PTSD this may not be the event for you.

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