Sensual Wizard Camp edition!


8-13 JULY 2024 - Earthdance


This a call to radical lovers,  magical creatures & imaginative dreamers! We invite you to join this journey of collectively awakening our sensuous awareness through intimate & emergent discoveries.


I want to join LUCIDITY

For why just make our dreams into a reality when we could make our reality into a dream?

We wake up into a Dream!

All senses come alive and the unlimited possibilities dance around in abundance. And suddenly there is the realisation… we are no longer at the whim of the Dream Dom dictating our every move (unless you want to be 😉 of course)…

There is Lucidity. There is autonomy in our power of awareness to choose, to be not just a part of the experience, but to be the enfolding itself. Before we take our next step to swim in the infinite possibilities, the Dream Dom whispers one last thing: Remember, everyone and everything in the dream is a thread in the dreamweb…

This year we weave our threads of  imagination & inspiration together to create the tapestry of our container, shaping the sensual summer camp of our dreams!


The bright guidance of Lucidity illuminates the sovereignty of our sensuous body and its artistic fire, both on an individual and collective scale. Lucidity calls for attunement with our authentic desires and with the sentience surrounding. In navigating and negotiating within a collective body of dreamers, what creative avenues could this reveal and realize?

The Knitty Gritty of Offerings:

  • de-CIDE Consent Workshop
  • Morning Intensives
  • Blank canvas of free time in the afternoons for rest and/or emergent revelry!!!
  • Guided evening events, dances & rituals
  • Contact Improv Class & UnderscORGY
  • Intro to kink and playspaces
  • Night rituals

Touch&Play invites individuals to explore their authenticity and relational dynamics in safer and supportive spaces. It acknowledges that embracing life is not just about celebrating strengths and virtues, but also about acknowledging one’s limits, and shadows, fostering a holistic journey of self-discovery and growth.

Embodied Pillars:


Come as you are- in all the fullness of the offerings you embody. Creativity can present itself in infinite ways- subtle, striking, interactive, ruminative, etc. Rooted in the impulse to bring vision into reality,  it is both personal & relational. How does creativity move us to act and relate in the dreamweb?


The defining essence of Lucidity is the cultivation  of awareness. And awareness is a conscious choice to tune into the present field through the senses of our own body, in consideration & collaboration with the collective body that is alive all around us. What awakens in us when we attune deeply with our surroundings?


What a magical gift to be born with the capacities to feel & intuitive through our various senses. We bend time and space in this container by returning to the present moment of our somatic experience of shared synesthesia (from the Greek root of “synth” (which means “together”) and “ethesia” (which means “perception).


We are able to offer supported tickets because there are participants that are contributing extra with their economic contribution.

When register you can choose between different ticket types. We aim to both keep our prices accessible, while holding financial sustainability. Please help us meet this balance by paying, with intuition and integrity, the highest price point you are able to afford.

Also consider contributing to our Inclusivity Scholarship Fundraiser. There will be a place to make an adjustable donation at the checkout.

This will support offer extra spots for people with economic needs and marginalized identities who are unable to attend this event otherwise.

Join us for an evening of lucid storytelling, creative sound scaping, and interactive performance.
Come early for a Touch&Play Q+A with lead organizers.
We will close the evening with dancing and hangs.
Friday June 14, 2024 @ 6 – 10pm
at the Hidden Temple
Join the Inclusivity Fundraiser: performance, dance, live music night at hidden temple June 14th!
Hidden Temple
Brushworks Arts & Industry Bldg. Suite 320
221 Pine St. Florence, MA 01062
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What to expect
We plan to tell a story through song, movement, ritual, and poetry that shares possible ways to enjoy, experience, and exist at Touch and Play. This may include scenes that are sensual or sexual in nature. The space will be kept PG-13.
This event is not for profit and all proceeds will be donated to the Touch&Play Inclusivity Fund. The funds will support those belonging to typically marginalized groups such as BIPOC & LGBTQ. who would not otherwise be able to attend due to financial strain or other obstacles these groups face.
Attendees of fundraiser will receive a discounted coupon code to register for Touch & Play Retreat Massachusetts July 8-13, 2024!
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6 – 6:45pm : Q&A with Touch & Play Organizers & Inclusivity Liason.
7-8:30pm : Interactive Art & Sound Performance w/ Chantelle, Marie Murry, Sunshine & T&P friends!
8:30 – 10pm : Live music, dancing and hangs
10pm : Say goodbye! Thanks for coming.
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What is Touch and Play ?
Touch & Play is an international retreat festival that weaves together intimacy, contact improv, BDSM, kink, authentic relating, somatics, nature and creativity.
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Lead performers for the evening include :
Marie Murry – Lead Touch and Play Organizer & Inclusivity Support Organizer for Touch and Play 2024
Chantelle – Inclusivity Liaison & BIPOC Touch Person for T&P 2024
Brandon Sunshine – Lead musician for T&P 2024
Supporting performers will emphasize persons who regularly attend and support touch and play. Come meet the T&P cocreators!
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$10 – $500 donation paid before (you can send it in now!) or at door
Please write DONATION in the description.
Venmo murry : @maythemuses
Or paypal chantelle :
Please contact Murry or Chantelle if you’d like to attend but do not have the funds to donate. No one will be turned away, all are welcome.
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Biiiiigggg thank you to the Hidden temple for donating the space!


We are offering subsidized tickets for individuals in need of economic support. Various criteria are considered when distributing these tickets, which are outlined in the application.

To be considered, please fill out the application form.

There are also spots available to come as part of the Work-exchange assistant team, as a way to support the T&P from within and/or need a financial assistance. You become part of a team that meets regularly and you can add a practical hands on element to your journey.

Touch&Play is an international movement – a sexy, adventurous, embodied and deeply heart-centered family – that has rooted in western Mass.

Our retreats are filled with inspiring offers that form the bedrock of the Touch&Play work.

We’ll start by exploring the Touch&Play’s de-CIDE Consent Framework, empowering everyone to communicate our boundaries and desires in an effective and authentic way.

We’ll delve into Contact Improvisation as our way to connect, call the embodied listening into our dances.

We will have spaces to explore with kink and self-expressions.

We embrace our desires, creating awareness into our shadows and our interdependecy, and we will invite sensuality and sexuality into our dances when it feels right.

Everyone can step into leadership with an afternoon dedicated to community offers.

Evenings will be semi-structured exploration, with space for dance, eros, magic and sacredness.

With immense love for this project and the spirit of co-creation, we extend this invitation to newcomers and those approaching with a beginner’s mind. Welcome home to our diverse community of dancers, somatic explorers, and embodied humans.


Magic proof

Successful editions

Fairies attended


“Leave the relationships more beautiful than you found them.”

While Classical Contact Improvisation asks what happens when two physical bodies meet in space, Touch&Play asks what happens when two (or more) alchemical human beings meet in space.




"Touch&Play turned out to be the sweetest bunch of folks ever! People were welcoming, fun, playful and respectful, from the organizers right on down. The teaching teams had great things to offer, and a wide variety of things, so i think everyone found topics of interest. I’ll be back!"

Betty Martin

Developer of The Wheel of Consent

“This is a place to come and dive into energy work, consent and somatics. You will safely explore your own edges and how you love yourself and the world. T&P will have an impact in your life.”



Urban Bliss Shaman

“Touch&Play has been a turning point in my life. I felt that finally the Ana that lives in myself exploted fully and in complet freedom. This is priceless. Thanks for creating spaces to explore ourselves in relationship to others.”



Dancer & Photographer


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